Below is a list of my favourite blogs that I have found myself consistently revisiting. I've huge admiration for the amazing work the people on this list below do, sharing interesting perspectives and spreading new ideas online. 

  • Paul Graham

    Paul Graham is an esteemed technologist, philosopher and entrepreneur known for establishing ViaWeb and Y Combinator. This blog is filled with some of the best first-principles thinking around. A fantastic source of wisdom for those times when you need simplification or a daily fix of inspiration.

  • Wait But Why Logo Wait But Why? by Tim Urban

    I have spent hours reading through the fascinating long-form articles that exist on this blog. Tim goes deep on various topics from artificial intelligence, procrastination to choosing life partners. His series on Elon Musk was my favourite work of his. He has an amazing talent for zooming out of complex topics and explaining them clearly to a layman.

  • Marginal Revolution by Tyler Cowen

    I love the daily assorted links and thought-provoking ideas that emerge from this fantastic blog. The source and range of materials posted by Tyler and Alex flabergasts me. In my opinion, it is the most reliable source for finding all the most relevant information and happenings in a particular week.

  • Stratechery by Ben Thompson

    The best place to come for insightful pieces on the business and strategic side of the technology industry.. Ben knows and owns his market of readers and you would be hard pushed to find somebody with a greater insight into the modern tech landscape than Ben. High value articles and excellent diagrams from a person with an amazing understanding of the industry. Hope to see more of these types of very narrow and specific content sites in future. I strongly believe they are sites that people are willing to pay to subscribe to if they can meet the benchmark established by Stratechery.

  • Farnam Street by Shane Parish

    Great source of mental models and fresh perspectives on many issues we all face. Great source of wisdom for mental and physical improvement.

  • Seth Godin

    Amazing thinker about marketing and many topics beyond it. Highly recommend subscribing to his email list to ensure you get a brilliant short post in your inbox every morning. An amazing long term project that delivers really high long-term value for readers.

Also consider..

I don't consistently revisit the following in the same fashion as the above but I do think there is a lot of interesting content to be found on the following blogs. Often there will be an amazing piece.

  • Sam Altman
    The greatest way to describe Sam Altman is in the words of Paul Graham: "You could parachute him onto an island full of cannibals and come back in five years and he'd be the king". Sam is Paul Graham's successor as the President of Y Combinator. Incredibly esoteric and brilliant person. Loved his recent post on productivity.
  • Noah Brier

    Brilliant thinker on marketing, culture and technology. His regular summaries of the best stuff he has read is a great resource when looking for the latest and best stuff. I'm a massive fan of people sharing a lot of what they are reading and discovering. Tyler Cowen mentioned above also a great example of this.

  • James Clear

    Similar source of content to Shane Parish, there is a focus on mental models, personal development and tactics such to make this happen such as better habits and decision making.

  • David Perell

    Great content on Twitter and some interesting blog posts on his site. His Naked Brands series is interesting. Always gets great guests on his North Star podcast which is worth checking out.

  • Founders at Work by Jessica Livingston

    Some great advice on start-ups and wider advice on life

  • Barking up the Wrong Tree

    Useful research on a wide variety of topics affecting us all